Which motherboard should I pick to finalize my build

It's between ASRock Z87 PRO4 ($124.99) and ASRock Z87 Extreme6 ($174.99). It's my first time building a PC so I'm not sure what to get. My CPU so far is i5 4670k with a 7970 GPU.

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  1. well, you don't need to get a motherboard with more than 1 pci e 3.0 if you don't intend to crossfire your GPU. For the price you are looking at, though Asrock makes a decent motherboard, I would recommend ASUS over them. Same price range (starts from $139 to $189) and I believe they are a more reliable product. if you HAVE to choose between the two, go with the cheaper one, as the extreme 6 is more geared for multiple GPU setups, so go with the PRO 4.
  2. I won't be using dual GPUs or OCing the hell out of it. Maybe slight OCing in the future. Would you recommend any other mobo or should I just go with that asrock?
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    id suggest the gigabyte z87x-d3h. it sells for 134.99 in newegg
  4. I'd split up the middle and go with the Rock's Extreme 4 - great mobo and fit's what you've listed while leaving an opening for just in case changes in the future
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