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so i went into the command prompt, with a new (new to me) hard drive i got out of my fathers old acer, i typed "disk part" then "list volumes" then selected C and typed clean. this i what comes up "Disk part was unable to clean the disk. The data on the disk may be unrecoverable." which im fine with. im wanting this thing wiped so i can start and use as a second HDD for general storage. this hard drive wont boot up however, it loops on the startup the to startup repair, which is where i selected advanced options (because it couldnt be repaired) so now all i need is it gone. every partition. everything. any one know of a command line i can go through to clean this thing out or fix the first problem stated? any help is much appreciated.

thanks, coka.
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    Okay, so i solved it on my own. ill post my own solution in case someone goes googleing and needs the answer.

    First off the hard drive itself was corrupt, so the whole loop where it would circle back through startup repair and the boot screen was impossible to get around. so i had to put my old hard drive into it, and then connect this hardrive through two more SATA cables (the data and the power) from there i booted from the old one but still had the new one connected. i went into windows, searched for COMPUTER MANAGEMENT, went into that as an administrator, went to the disk management tab, and selected the DISK 0 (which said not inatialized) so i right clicked where the title said not initialized and initialized, it came online but wouldnt be able to access it, from there i right clicked the white part of the menu of DISK 0 and selected, CREATE NEW VOLUME. from there i formatted it as a blank disk (NTFS) and named the drivve SECONDARY HARD DRIVE. i now have my primary 500 gb HDD and this new 640gb HDD.

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