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Sorry if this question is dumb of whatever but I didn't build my computer, and I've barely ever been inside it besides cleaning it.

I'm looking to upgrade my LG DVD burner (LG HL-DT-ST GSA-H62N) to an LG Blu Ray burner (WH14NS40), and I'm wondering how easy it will be to do.

Here is a picture of how my current DVD drive is plugged in, here's what the back of my DVD burner looks like, and here's the back of the one I want to upgrade to.

Basically what I want to know if I can just unscrew and remove the old drive, and put the new one in and connect the same cords. Looking at the 2 pictures of the backs of the drives, it looks like one the blu ray burner has L shaped connectors, and and the DVD burner might have rectangle shaped connectors, or it might just be a bad picture. My friend asked me how many pins it had, and I don't really know the answer, but should there be reason why I can't just switch the drives out? The cords go behind the motherboard tray, and as I said I have no experience in building computers so it would be much easier to just do that.
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  1. Yes. It should be that easy.
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    Plug in, reboot computer , drive installed. Both are Sata all is fine.
  3. Plug in, reboot computer , drive installed. Both are Sata all is fine.
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