Can an Overclock Result in a BSOD Stop Error?

I was overclocking my gtx 570, reference clock is 732mhz, i OCed it to 900Mhz, with the voltage up from 965 to 1010. I booted up Far Cry 3 and got a BSOD stop error. Everything seems fine after my PC rebooted in safe mode. Did the OC cause the BSOD? do I have anything else to worry about? Is there any way to determine if I did physical damage?
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    (yes overclock can result to an BSOD )and nope the gpu isnt damaged. the core clock was just too high, increase it by 20 mhz at time and run furmark for 1 min and look for graphical errors, when you encounter them, lower the core clock by 10 mhz until no graphical errors are shown.

    an GPU overclock cant really kill/damage your card unless you put crazy voltages / have crazy temps, try to keep temperature <80c when on load.
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