FX-8350 temps to high?

Just when I am browsing the internet I will get up to 55. When gaming I have gotten up to 70 is this bad for the CPU? Also my cooler is just a cheap one my local computer store provided for me.
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    these temperatures are normal for the CPU. not be best, but perfectly normal. these CPUs can take upto 80C or so before you get into trouble
  2. Yes, that completely fine, if your concerned, try replacing the heatsink with an aftermarket one and/or replacing the thermal paste.
  3. Could this hurt the CPU in anyway? Like the way it preforms in games?
  4. Your CPU will be fine until you go over 80 degrees where you start to run into problems.
  5. What type of problems?
  6. For the cores under 62C is the best for life span...amd cpus hate heat. For the socket temp 80 is absolute max, try to stay under 75 for that one...
  7. CPU and GPU said:
    Could this hurt the CPU in anyway? Like the way it preforms in games?

    Heat will shorten the life of most components. The cooler your rig runs the longer it will last, so if I was you I would look into getting a better CPU cooler. My rig idles at 27-28 degrees and gaming it only goes to the high 40s at stock settings. Also the more air you have moving thru your case the cooler it will be.


    im getting 20c idle with a corsair h70 ? and around 40-41 in game
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