Erase hard drive & reformat?

I have been looking for a tutorial online and have been having trouble so I figured I would post here.

Basically I am having problems with my computer so I figured I would reformat my computer. I am using an XP upgrade disc and a copy of ME. Backed everything up just fyi. I put in the XP disc and followed the prompts but when I go to install XP it says there is already a copy on the hard drive. How do I erase my hard drive? From what I remember I had that option when I did this before but it has been years. Can anyone help me or provide me a link to a tutorial?
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    DO NOT need to install windows ME

    Since you have windows XP Upgrade, you need to do a "clean install". With XP Upgrade you can do this by selecting
    Custom install.
    1) Do not enter your X key when prompted.
    2) On page displaying your drive select advanced and DELETE all partitions on HDD.
    3) Complete install.

    4) The redo Installation, but this time select the "upgrade" method and enter your key this time.

    Select the Custom method to delete all partitions, exit and restart XP installation but selecting upgrade method.
    You will be prompted to insert your Old qualifying ME disk to verify that you qualify.
  2. Figured it out, thanks!
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