Can the CPU temperature be lower then ambient room temp when overclocking?

All stepping and power saving features are off and LLC is set on auto since extreme and regular won't work under full load. In bios it reads 36C but easytune, core temp, and hwmonitor will show it at 20C and spike up suddenly when I open or run a program, never hitting above 45~48C.

Should I add the difference from bios and the monitoring program data and always compensate by adding 13C from what the temp monitor is showing me? Is it possible to even go lower than ambient temps (80F right now) on air cooling?
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    For nearly all CPUs the core temp is quite off when idle, when under load though the core temp and the socket temp (what your BIOS says) will be the same. It is impossible to have your CPU be colder than the ambient temp unless you are using a medium to cool your CPU that is colder than the room itself (i.e. liquid nitrogen/helium)
  2. One way to insure bogus readings is to run more than one monitoring utility at a time.

    Download and run OCCT ... it will load ya CPU (or GPU) and monitor at the same time.
  3. Yeah I'm running core temp and hwmonitor and they're showing the same temps at the same time. I guess that means it's normal.
  4. That would not be possible without more than water cooling
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