Windows 7 BSOD Page Error in Non Paged Area

I have recently started having trouble with my pc, where after about 5 to 15 minutes of use causes a blue screen. The error is Page error in non paged area, and I've done a decent amount of searching and forum trawling, to no avail. The error occurs seemingly at random, and with no particular cause. I have tried several suggested solutions, such as memtest, swapping RAM modules to different slots, system restore, checking the health of the hard disk, antivirus, and several others, but nothing. I have narrowed down the cause of the issue, however. When my secondary hard drive is disconnected, the BSoD does not occur. But as it is a few months old at most, I am somewhat reluctant to junk it. Also, for some reason performing an anti virus scan of the whole computer seems to extend the session to about an hour to two hours.

I would appreciate any feedback anyone can offer, and apologize if this is the wrong section to be posting this problem. Cheers.
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  1. Try increasing the size of your page file
  2. I'm giving that a go now, cheers. My second drive, a Samsung 3TB, doesn't have a paging file allocated to it. Should it? Or just the OS drive?
  3. May want a small one in case any apps tied to it need one
  4. Actually a good point, I have several programs that run off the second hard drive. Increasing the page file on the first drive didn't help, but I'll give this a go.
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