Reporting 105C Temps?

I've just recently built my first gaming computer. I just put a Corsair H100, into the system to help keep the temperature down since I'm overclocking the cpu and the video cards I have run fairly hot. Within the last week or so I've been getting reports from the Asus AI Suite II program that when I'm gaming the motherboard is hitting temps in excess of 105 C. Meanwhile Corsair's program and the CPUID HW Monitor both are reporting normal running temperatures.

Before I had gotten the H100 I had never received any such notifications. So I'm not sure if the AI Suite is not working right, or if gauge for the motherboard temperature is underneath one of the graphics cards (the cards stay around 79-88C when playing Civ5, Lego LOTR, or when hosting any of the big 3rd person RTS games I play), or maybe it's accurate (last option since that much heat would make the air hot as it exited the case). So I'm looking for help...

AMD FX-8120 running at 3.9GHz
16Gb Crucial Ballistix 1600MHz
Asus M5A99x Evo
Corsair H100 Push/Pull
SLI EVGA GTX 275 1792mb (SC/SSC)
Asus Wireless N adapter
Seagate 1TB 7200rpm
Asus 12x BD Burner
Antec DF-85 Case
Coolmax ZU-900B
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    Sounds like a bad program, might see if they have an updated version
  2. sensor failure. you'd crash if it wasn't
  3. Bad sensor. My ASUS P8z68-v will stop at POST if my temps are over 80c. At 105c your computer would prolly start burning.
  4. So apparently most people don't use the Asus AI suite because it interferes with other programs such as HW monitor especially when both are polling the same sensors.
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