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I just had a few questions regarding port forwarding for games.

On my router's configuration page, Linksys ... to forward ports, it requires me to type in the IP address. Now I have multiple computers for gaming on my local wireless network, do I need to forward ports for all of their IP addresses?
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    You shouldn't need to setup port forwarding to play a game unless those PCs are acting as a server. To which you would also be capable of configuring which port the application was receiving traffic from the router.
    Requiring all traffic on specified port to route to a desired IP address.
    Doing so leaves you open to malicious attacks.
    For example ventrillo server: Forwarding all port traffic at 3784 to be directed to the ventrillo server expecting incomming traffic on 3784. Or telling ventrillo to listen on 4000 and forwarding port 4000 to the ventrillo server.

    Allowing traffic via a firewall seems to be more relevant here, to which you simply state that traffic on a blocked port is otherwise allowed.

    What game is requiring you to setup port forwarding?

    See NAT (Most home end-user routers)
    In short the forwarding is done for you and is also how you are protected from external attacks.
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