I5 3570k OC'ing. I need help guys!

Hello guys!
I am going crazy here.

I just over to buy my new PC.
Core I5 3570k and Gigabyte Z77x-D3h 1.1.

But one thing is happening and I can't get it solve.
Please guys, I need your help.

The only way I can OC is with turbo boost enable.
If I disable it, the maximum multiplier I can go is 40x. No matter what I do.
I don't know... really...
I want to OC without turbo boost.
What is happening here?

Thank you so much in advance.
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  1. turn off your energy saving features.
  2. Doesn't really matter, w/ TB on can still set the multiplier to what you want
  3. Let me explain with more detail.
    I can set every multiplier inside mobo, even with TB off. But with no effect.
    I can set multiplier 50x and save. After reboot I can enter inside Bios again to check, multiplier is 50x, but clock is the same, 4.0.
    I can change multi again to 45x. Reboot and back, same 4.0 clock.
    I can even check Windows, open my CPUz to see max multiplier 16x-40x.

    The only way I can make work is changing TB value inside each core. But I want to try with TB off, because my 3570k is hot with full load temps +- 82.

    I think my case is delid one, but I have a little fear to try.

    Please guys, what I must to do here to get my multiplier to work right?
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