How do i backup internal hard drive to second internal hard drive on windows 7

hello community, i was wondering how do i backup one of my internal hard drives to my second hard drive on my computer. I know thats its safer and better to backup to an external hard drive, but i prefer backing up to my second internal right now since i cant find my power cable to my external hard drive.
Thank you for your time.
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    Install backup software
  2. use the built in windows backup?
    use another backup program.
    cut and paste using explorer
    use the robocopy command
    download and use microsofts synctoy 2.1
    enable mirroring in drive manager

    there are lots of ways to do what you want but we can't help without knowing what you're atually trying to achieve. Are you looking to backup the whole drive, just your important files, want it to go into a compressed backup file, onto the other drive pretty much the way its stored on your main drive?
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