MotionInJoy stopped my mouse from working

I installed the the latest version MotionInJoy. Plugged in my Dualshock 3. Opened MJ. Clicked driver manager and instead of clicking Load driver I chose Install.
I thought it would make it to where i can just have the drivers installed and not have to connect to the internet.
Now it made the noise like you plug a usb in really fast repeatedly and froze. I hit my restart button on PC. I got the safe made option screen. I chose start normally.
All is good except I cannot use my mouse. Keyboard works fine. Light on mouse brightens when moved.
Also the USB plug/unplug noise happens every 15 seconds.
I unplugged ethernet hoping it would quit trying to install drivers. Nothing
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  1. I also uninstalled motioninjoy completely, it still not working.
    Im trying to disable HID compliant device from updating installing drivers, still nada.
  2. You have to remove it from registry and the drivers in device manger. Not gonna lie its a one ever ever use it
  3. Device manager. Humaninterface devices. Ive tried uninstall, disable. Still wont work.
  4. Do a system restore to a date/time prior to you installing/updating motionjoy.
  5. I was about to do system restore but I knew there had to be a way without doing that and I figured it out.
    I dont think this part matters. I uninstalled MotioninJoy. Then re-downloaded it and installed it again.
    Open MotionInJoy.
    I had an DualShock 3 and I needed it to emulate Xbox360. I chose the emulation, clicked enable, vibration testing. All good.
    In MotionInJoy I opened up the driver manager. THIS IS WHERE I MADE MY MISTAKE THE FIRST TIME. Instead of clicking INSTALL like I tried last time, I clicked the typical LOAD DRIVERS.
    I know it froze a couple of times. I don't really recall the exact points but i just ctrl+Alt+Del and Tab to restart and Continue trying to Load drivers How I mentioned above.
    After I loaded the drivers my mouse started working again. I tried using the x360 emulator for my DS3 so I could play Skyrim. After I did vibration testing though and started Skyrim, it was using the keyboard and mouse.
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