GIGABYTE 880GM USB3, 1 x 8-pin ATX 12V power connector, But I using 4 pin power connector.

I had purchased the GIGABYTE 880GM USB3, processor - AMD FX 4100, 4gb Ram 1333, smps 600watt and OS Windows7 32bit, which have 1 x 8-pin ATX 12V power connector, But I using 4 pin power connector. still is running fine, past one month system slow and processor getting heat or more weight than RAM, I observed in performance tab(task manager). how to get previous performance and how to utilize full 4gb Ram.

4pin connector is enough or i have to go 8pin connector.

I unable to use usb3.0 after installation of usb3.0 software utility, it have same performance like usb2.0, I tried the uninstalled and installed the usb3.0.

Please give me good suggestion.

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    Hi Rakesh,

    You mother board has 8 pin connector to support 125 watt cpus and you should get a SMPS which also has 8 pin connector. The 4 pin will work fine but if you can have an 8 pin connector it will be better. Since your cpu is a dual module 95 watt unit it will work well with 4 pin.

    Which programs/games are you running? Depending on the application, the cpu usage can be high or low.

    A 32 bit operating system can not address the entire 4GB of RAM. This is related to how system components are addressed in the memory but you will never see full 4 GB ram while running 32 bit system. A 64-bit OS will show the ram.

    You can use your 32 bit OS CD key to install a 64 bit Windows 7 version (actually you would have received CDs of both versions) as the key is interchangeable.

    USB 3 will work at full speed only with USB3 devices. If you plug a USB2 speed external drive into a USB3 port, your speed will still be that of USB2 (Device speed) and not USB3.

    good luck
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