Need Advice on a replacement video card for a 9600 GT?

The fan on my old 9600 GT 512MB recently died and i'm wondering what the best replacement options are. My budget is 100 with a little wiggle room :).

Current cards i'm looking at are

AMD Radeon HD 7770 iCooler 1024MB GDDR5 99.99

AMD Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition 1024MB GDDR5 107.99

i'm curious is the GHz worth the extra money ? Also feel free post other cards good for my price range.

Other System specs
Intel Core i7-2600
6GB DDR3-1333 RAM
2 500GB 7,200RPM Hard Drive (RAID 0)
460 Watt PSU
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    Can't see the website links, says its blocked.
    Anyway, I'd suggest getting a 7770 from Sapphire, or a 7790, but I'd say go with the Radeon 7770. Better price for preformance.

    If you have the 8 Dollars extra, just pick up the GHz edition.
    A few burgers or a Large Pizza vs 2 years of a slightly better GPU (shrug)
  2. i just noticed that the store also has refurbished GeForce GTX560Ti (which is way better) on sale for the same price. it recommends a 500 psu, but i currently only have a 460w psu that came with my dell xps 8300. So i'm curious would i have to buy a new psu to use the card or could i slide by with the 460w psu?
  3. I would be safe and use a 500W PSU. That's because your computer may not be running at full load all the time, but if it runs at full load and your PSU cant handle it X(
    560TI, but second hand...Just be sure what you're paying for. Make sure its not some GPU that's been thrashed. I'd say stick with a 7770/90 so your not that out of your budget but you will still have a guarantee that your're cards lifespan is not already half over.
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