second hdd does not show up in the bios boot options.

so my toshiba hdd doesn't show in the bios boot options. only the dvd drive and my primary hdd shows up. but it does shows up in bbs properties and the save & exit panel. I could switch between the the primary(where windows 7 is located) and secondary hdd under bbs properties and the toshiba hdd would show up. I did try to partition it my ssd (which is now rma) so that could be one of the problems. or it could be that I used a universal usb installer to update my sdd. I can't access windows 7, so I will need to find out whats wrong with it using the repair disk I created.
spec are:
spec are
windows 7 home premium
Samsung 320gb HD322GJ (primary)
Toshiba 1TB MK1002TSKB(secondary)
gigabyte ga-z77x-ud3h
evga gtx 670 4gb
corsair h80
seasonic x-750 psu
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    Your motherbd manual isnt loading for me but generally you need to add the drive to the boot order before it will show up in the boot options menu.
    You boot into win7 might not be working because it was on the ssd that you sent out? or that the ssd contained the boot block which is now missing from your system. Did you install windows while the ssd was installed?
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