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wanna buy 8320 and overclock it to speed of 8350 or higher. so i know there is in overclocking menu is cpu ratio and i dont know is the cpu ratio of 8350 is the same for 8320 and can i use overclocking guide for 8350 for my 8320 ? oh by the way is cpu ratio 20?
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    The initial bus speeds for both are 200Mhz but the multipliers are different. For the 8350 it starts out at 20 with a turbocore of 21. The easiest way to overclock either of the CPUs is to just raise the multiplier/voltage. You can use the same overclocking guide for either.
  2. so cpu ratio is 20 for 8320 and i can use guide of 8350 for my 8320 ?
  3. no the ratio for the 8350 is 20 and for the 8320 it is 18.5. Yes you can use the same guide for either.
  4. what i am risking when putting wrong ratio? and where are u taking all those numbers? i suppose they are default but where they can be found?
  5. If you put in a lower number, nothing bad. If you put in a higher number, your computer will just reboot and reject the change if it is unstable. If you were to change the voltage too high you will kill your CPU. All of these settings can be found in the BIOS of your computer.
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