bios screen splash 25 minutes then goes into safe mode all the time

hi I got a software program and ran it thru my pc. When I started my pc up again later, it hung on the bios splash screen for about 30 minutes, then went straight into my home page. I started a system restore and half way thru I pulled a wrong plug by mistake. So I tried to restart my pc and it still hangs on the bios splash screen for about 40 minutes and goes straight into safe mode. It wont load the o/s just safe mode. I appreciate any help thanks
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  1. what software program? can you system restore again?
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    May have corrupted your BIOS setup. Safest thing to do, unplug power cable, open up case and rmeove the cmos battery. Wait 30 minutes for system to discharge and lose connection, put battery back, power on and setup your BIOS.
  3. thanks das_stig you were bang on done that no problems at all
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