Which haming cabinet for my gaming pc ?

I am looking to upgrade my cabinet. My specs :
hd 7850 or gtx 660
g46 mobo
8gb ram ddr3
amd fx 6300 4.5Ghz ( do ineed a cooler for this)
Which cabinet would best suite my pc:
1. CM k350

2. CM n300

3. CM elite 372

4. CM force 500

5. antec x1

6. crosair carbide 200r

Please reply fast. Is zebronics brand any good. Can i buy a zebronics cabinet becasue they are offering great gaming cabinets at a similar cost like these.
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  1. sorry for my mistake. Its gaming not haming
  2. Is n300 also good.
  3. Best answer
    You will need an aftermarket cooler to overclock AMD FX 6300 to 4.5 ghz I'd suggest
    -Coolermaster Hyper 212 evo Rs 2500 (around)
    that will give you an extra 10-15 fps while gaming...!!
    For the Graphics card,....Buy the hd 7850 OC edition 2gb gddr5 Rs 17300
    because it has more overclocking (upto 1400mhz ) than the gtx 660..
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