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Maybe other owners/experts know this:

My lightning speeds up to a boost of 1267mhz when playing bf3 according to afterburner 3.0.0 beta 10. I've read everywhere that the boost should be limited tot 1202 mhz... Is afterburner wrong? How to check? After quitting the game, it clocks back to 1150 (basic operation mhz for the card) as it should according to specifications. Is this normal behaviour? I'm confused about what overclockpotential it has when it already runs at 1267mhz with the boost...
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  1. GPU-Z can also read your core clock and you set it to report the maximum speed it gets to.

    As for whether it should be getting too 1267MHz, when 1202Mhz is the stated speed, the stated speed is the guaranteed speed everyone will get. See the extra 65Mhz as a bonus for having a core capable of boosting up to that point.
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    It's completely normal and business as usual for your Turbo Boost clock to go well past the manufacturer's default rate.


    Default Frequency
    The obvious first thing to do is to figure out what the real-world frequency actually is in games without overclocking. Remember, the boost clock can set itself up to 1202MHz, which is already at 1.2GHz. However, GPU Boost 2.0 can push it further, in frequency and voltage, if the GPU is cool enough and the card hasn't hit the TDP yet. This means the real-world frequency is actually in excess of 1202MHz while gaming.

    We found that our MSI N770 Lightning operated at a real-world frequency of 1228MHz while gaming. The voltage was sitting at 1.2v, which seems to be the maximum for this video card. This was in Crysis 3, Far Cry 3, Metro: Last Light and Tomb Raider. That means we are already getting a high overclock of 1228MHz without even touching the thing. Keep in mind the GTX 680 only overclocked to 1251MHz on our GTX 680 Lightning. That means we are already near the maximum GTX 680 overclock, and this is just with the video card out-of-the-box. It seems MSI has done a lot to already maximize the performance, without you having to even overclock.
  3. Awesome, thanx guys... I love this card <3 It's still only getting to 66 degrees max, silent as can be. 1267 mhz out of the box, sweeet...
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