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Building a new PC, need help with CPU

So, Im building a new pc, na cant decide if I should take a
i5-3570k or i5-4670k ..
What are the pros, what are the cons?
And would a Mainboard S-1150 ASUS Z87-C ATX be good for the 4670k?
Here the link from the mainboard :
Thanks in advance!
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    There is no huge difference between those 2. You can go with the Ivy bridge(3570k), it performs just as good as the 4670k in gaming. But if you're going with the 4670k, that mobo will be suffice. Although the 4670k runs a bit hotter than the 3570k. Its actually up to you if you're willing to pay some extra for haswell.
  2. Actually the Haswell costs here the same..
    So I guess Im gonna get him, and buy a nice cooler and thats it :D
  3. At stock, Haswell beats Ivy by about 5% in performance.

    If your going to overclock, Ivy wins, Haswell overheats quite quickly, and needs a serious $100+ cooler to match what an Ivy does with a $30 one.
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