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Hello everyone, I just finished my second build and I've run into a little bit of confusion. I did my first boot up and everything went fine. I went straight to the bios to check my CPU temps and I saw that it read this (below). Are these healthy stock numbers? Or am I supposed to pay attention to the Celcius instead of Fahrenheit for temps?:

CPU- 80.8F / 27C
Motherboard- 78F / 25C

Volt- 0.928v

Fan speed- CPU- 2100 RPM

My build
Mobo- Asus P8Z77 ITX
CPU- i5 3570k
RAM- Corsair Vengence 8GB low profile
Cooler- Corsair A70
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    Perfectly healthy, try overclocking your chip too to get the most out of it :)
  2. 27C seems cool, though you should pay attention to 100% loads, if they are still below 75-70C then your good to go
  3. Thank you guys. I was a bit worried. I'll be overclocking it, while watching temps closely :)
  4. you should be fine up to 4.2/3 atleast :)
  5. SublimeOrange said:
    you should be fine up to 4.2/3 atleast :)

    Yeah I'm shooting for 4.2. I don't get too crazy with overclocking
  6. But you have an A70? :P
  7. SublimeOrange said:
    But you have an A70? :P

    Lol I'll probably go higher ;)
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