Need someone to critique my first gaming pc build.

I recently decided to switch to PC gaming so I figured I would just build my own computer. I am really looking forward to battlefield 4 this fall so I need a computer that can run it well. Other than gaming I don't do much other than surf the web, watch youtube videos, and watch movies occasionally but I mostly need it for gaming. I have been doing a little research and I determined I wanted to spend $700-$800. I have come up with a rough list of the components I am thinking of buying. I want to get the best performance for my money so it would be wonderful if someone could tell me if this sounds like a good build and if not what parts I should get.

Cooler Master HAF On sale for $59.99 or $49.99 after mail in rebate.
Seems like a very nice case for the price.

Power Supply Unit
XFX Core Edition PRO550W On sale for $69.99 (originally $86.99) or $54.99 after mail in rebate. -
A good power supply unit for the price.

Optical Drive
SAMSUNG Black SATA DVD-ROM Drive for $14.99 -
Cheapest one I could find. I don't really care that much about the optical drive as long as it works and I don't care to have anything fancy like a bluray player.

Hard Drive
Seagate Barracuda 1 TB $68.26 -
I don't really know very much about hard drives and what a more expensice would has to offer so I just went with the cheapest I could find.

Crucial Ballistix Support 8GB (2 x 4GB) On sale for $52.99 (origanlly $74.99) -
Once again I just went witht the cheapest I could find and this one seemed good.

Intel i5 4570 quad core processor@3.2GHZ On sale for $194.99 (originally $209.99) -
I didn't know wheter I should go with intel or AMD. From what I've read it seems that intel is the better chip performance wise but AMD is better value.

AMD FX 6300 six core Processor @3.5GHZ on sale for $109.99
AMD FX 6350 six core Processor @3.9GHZ for $139.99 or $129.99 with mail in rebate. vs
These both look like very good processors at very good prices. I didn't know whether or not it is worth it to go with 6350 instead of the 6300.

with Intel i5
MSI B85 $64.99 -
Seems like a good motherboard. Went with a cheaper one to offset the cost of the i5 chip.

with AMD processors
Gigabyte AMD Motherboard on sale for $137.99 (originally $149.99) or $127.99 after mail in rebate. -
Looks like a good motherboard and good price.

Video Card
with Intel i5
EVGA GTX 660 On sale for $199.99 (originally $229.99) or $179.99 after mail in rebate. -
Video card was recommended for medium size build.

with AMD processors
MSI Radeon 7950 $299.99 or $289.99 after mail in rebate. -
Looks to be a good graphics card and it comes with free games so that's a plus.

Heat Sink Fan
I wasn't sure if I would need an after market fan or not. If I go with the Intel i5 then the stock fan would probably be good enough but I'm not sure with the AMD processors because I heard those could get hot.

I already have a monitor, speakers, keyboard, and mouse and the operating system is taken care of.

Well that's my rough build so far. If you could leave a comment suggesting different parts or different combinations I would really appreciate it. Also if there is anything else I need to purchase other than what I had listed please let me know. Thanks a lot in advance.
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    Very very solid build from what it looks like a first timer. Mostly everything done right. From my opinion, you would be happier with an i5 4570 much more than with an FX6300. Motherboard with the i5 looks fine, has single PCIe 3.0 lane, which is more than enough for todays graphics cards. Mind you won't be SLIing or Crossfiring. Good choice on power supply, which is seasonic built.

    I'd recommend going for a good $250 GTX 760. Unless you are happy to OC to around 1.1 GHZ on the 7950 (Which creams a GTX 760 and matches a 7970 at 1000-1050 core. IF you are happy to overclock, definitely go for the 7950, because the 760 is highly overclocked and probably won't OC much more. I wouldn't go for that 7950, I would go for a nice dual fan 7950, like a MSI TwinFrozr. $289.99 is very expensive for a 7950 of that range, there are cheaper, faster, cooler and quieter ones.

    Go for this one

    Get a cheap Hyper 212 Evo or 212 X, and make sure it comes with a 1150 bracket so it fits.
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