Is this an 8 or 16 gigabyte RAM set

Hi guys I saw this great deal on amazon - 2400mhz Viper RAM for $100! I realized, however, it does not specify whether it is 8 or 16gb... Can any of you tell me?

Thanks so much

Here's the link
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  1. Its 2x8 GB imo.
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    It has a 16 in the product listing and a "16G" in the model number, I would assume its a 16GB kit.
  3. 2x8GB so 16GB total according to the part number.
  4. Patriot Extreme Performance Viper 3 Series 16 DDR3 2400 Kit

    I'm assuming the 16 before DDR3 means it 16GB, but you are right, it doesn't really come out and say! Plus the original price is over $200, there's another hint that it's 16GB.

    And here's the non-mobile link for you guys!
  5. That's a great deal right?
  6. Because its 2400mhz
  7. King Hackintosh said:
    That's a great deal right?

    Hmm thats a CL10 kit, seems nice deal to me.
  8. Ok thank you all very much!
  9. One more question if it is 1.65 v will it still work with z87?
  10. 2400Mhz @CL10, I wonder what the voltage that thing is running at. 1.8v at a guess to maintain something like that.
    If your running an Intel chip, you may want to look into Intel's stance on RAM that runs on more than 1.55v.
  11. It says it can run at speeds of 1600-2400 at voltages of 1.5-1.65... Do you know if this will work with these numbers?
  12. a kit meaning piecing something together for a result, they're most likely 8gb each.
  13. Will the ram run at a reduced frequency or something?
  14. Or will it just fry my motherboard
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