Best Budget PC that can run Starcraft 2 HotS on Medium

Question ^. The price range is $350-$450ish.
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  1. I'm honestly pretty new to the PC world myself. But I will do my best to help(: First off are you wanting to build a PC or buy one already made?
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    $405 just add the case you want
  3. Sorry for the late reply. Family trip. B)

    Calviin, whichever option has the cheaper price, but I would like it best to build it myself. :D For experience.
  4. simon12 said:
    $405 just add the case you want

    Awesome! :D But its also lacking the cooling. D: Thanks anyways man. :)))
  5. Its a retail CPU so it comes with a cooler and case fans come with or need selecting for the case.
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