GPU-Z reports GTX660 runnig PCI-E 2.0@x8 on PCI Ex 3 mobo

Hello to all the community,

I never actually looked into GPU-Z as never saw some performance issues, but once started it saw that my MSI GTX660 runnig PCI-E 2.0@x8 though both GPU both mobo witch is GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 (rev. 1.0) supports PCI Gen3. GPU-Z also says card supports PCI-E 2.0@x16 but not 3.0

GPU is mounted in the x16 driver is fresh 320.49

Same info shown in Nvidia system information.. Tried to check BIOS for setup that could influence this but have not found anything.

Maybe some one can tell what the hell is this?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Click the little "?" symbol next to the PCIe readout in GPU-Z and run the render test.

    Update your motherboard drivers.
  2. Ya sometimes the MB will downclock the lanes the when the card isn't being pushed, like mine says it's running at like 4x pcie 1.0 or something but when it's full loaded it ramps up.
  3. Yes i tried "?" and run that render test (full screen also) checked while BF3 running and the max i can see PCI-E 2.0@x8 :|

    All drivers and mobo BIOS is the last vendor provides. Nvisdia driver is the latest.
  4. what cpu do you have? I thought 3.0 was only supported on later intels?

    From your MOBO manual

    "(All PCI Express slots conform to PCI Express 2.0 standard.)"

    So your MB is only PCIe 2.0

    What slot do you have your video card in? your mobo has a 16x slot and a 8x slot.
  5. Well yes, my Sandy Bridge does not support Gen 3 :)

    Still why x8 then not x16? GPU in x16 slot.

    BTW mobo says gen 3, but depend on CPU in my case 2.0:
    The GIGABYTE motherboard is fully configured to provide gamers with the latest Gen.3 PCI Express technology, delivering maximum data bandwidth for forthcoming discrete graphics cards.
    * PCIe Gen. 3 is dependent on CPU and expansion card compatibility.
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    Do you have another PCIe card in your x8 slot? You should have your video card in the x16 slot and nothing in the x8 slot.

    You may want to re-seat your video card again in case it isn't making a good connection with all the PCIe connectors.
  7. Thanks! Totally forgot that i moved SB there for more space between GPU and CPU fan.. Moved SB back and GPU-Z shows 2.0 x16
  8. NoOneLt said:
    Thanks! Totally forgot that i moved SB there for more space between GPU and CPU fan.. Moved SB back and GPU-Z shows 2.0 x16

    What did u actually do?? I am having same problem! Should re insert card? What is SB?
  9. SB is probably the SoundBlaster audio card. So make sure your video card is in the top most slot nearest the CPU.
  10. Hello, yes just put it in the first slot and remove every other PCI-E device to test if it is ok. Then just put needed PCI-E device into "small" PCI-E X 1 slot.
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