OCZ Agility 3 60 GB SSD Raid Improvent to 1TB WS HDD

i was thinking to buy OCZ Agility 3 60GB ssd Currently i have 2x1TB WD harddrives
is it possible to set raid only on two disks for example

1st is my SSD and second is my 1 TB Harddrive leaving the 3rd harddrive as normal

if yes.
will it improve performance of the attached Harddrive

which Raid Is best i havent setup raid before
Using Asrock z77 Extreme 6 With Intel I5 3570K 2x4GB corsair vengence
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  1. Not sure you can RAID two drives that are not the same capacity, but even if you could I would advice against doing it with an SSD and your 1TB drive. Just stick your OS on the SSD and maybe a few other programs and everything else place on your HDDs.
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    You never want to create a RAID array with SSDs and HDDs. A RAID array should be either all SSDs or all HDDs.

    A RAID array's Read/Write performance is based upon the drive in the array with the slowest Read/Write speeds.
    So if you create a RAID array with a SSD and HDD you will not be taking advantage of the SSD's fast Read/Write speeds.

    A RAID-0 array's total capacity is based upon the drive in the array with the smallest capacity.
    So if you create a RAID-0 array with a 60GB drive and a 1TB drive then your array's total capacity (before formatting) will be 120GB (60 x 2).
  3. OK
    Thanks for your replies that clears my doubt
  4. Though, this is exactly what caching setups like Intel SRT are for. I currently have a 60GB SSD as a cache drive for my 1TB main drive. It doesn't benchmark well because most read/write tests are designed in a way that the mechanical drives performance shows through, but it sure flies when you are launching your common applications and booting.

    Since you have a Z77 and a 3570K your setup should support SRT.
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