FX 8320 Disabling Cores?

Hello all, yesterday i heard that if you disable 4 out of the 8 cores on the CPU that it will increase performance and give you more oc headroom. Is that true? if so i think that it would be a good idea since the only resource intensive applications i use are games and those only ever use 1-4 cores. if anyone has tryed this i would love to know the results and how you did it.
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    Not worth it rlly, if u wanted a quad core then shoulda spent the money for an i5 or the 4300 lol. The fx cpus are actual 8 cores, but theres 4 modules with 2 fpu cores that share resources and this sharing of resources if disabling the shared cores would increase performance for those cores but having 8 cores with shared resources etc is better than 4 cores with dedicated resources etc
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