How should I connect my PC?

Hi, I am somewhat of a beginner to building computers so bear with me here. I have a build for my gaming PC almost all figured out, however, I am unsure what to do with networking. As I will be gaming a lot online/skyping with friends, I want a strong, reliable and fast connection to the internet. I will be putting my PC in my room, which is aprox. 20 ft away from our router. The signal goes through two walls, but browsing the internet/watching HD videos in my room using my ipad works great.

Although I would prefer using an ethernet connection, I do not want to have to drill holes in my walls. For that reason I am leaning towards WiFi, but I have been looking into other solutions such as powerline adaptors as well.

My questions are, should I buy an ethernet card and use powerline? What about a WiFi card? What would the price differences be? Could someone find me a cheap but good WiFi card? (I have a limited budget that I have almost reached with the rest of the parts, so I need my networking solution to be on the cheap.) Would it be possible to salvage the Wifi card from my old PC? It's a Dell from 2003, would the card be too out of date?

If anyone could help me with any of the questions I would greatly appreciate it! :)
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    I built an AMD system for my son with a 6300 Vishera and installed the cheapest wireless card I could find here and he Skypes with his friends while he plays Minecraft and surfs the internet all at the same time without lag. He plays all my Steam games online in multiplayer without issue. He had some issues through the many walls and floors to the router so I just bought him a bigger 9dB Antenna and that solved that no lag no cutting out.
  2. Thanks, exactly the answer I was looking for!
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