Windows not detecting two drives.

Recently made a brand new build, running an MSI MPOWER A77 mobo.

I've got the OS installed (obviously) on a OCZ Vertex 4 - but after getting everything squared away I connected the HDD and another Vertex 3 SSD - they are reading in the BIOS, but Windows 7 does not recognize them.

Vertex 3 is connected to the Sata 2 6 GB/s and the HDD is on Sata 6 3 GB/s

I'm assuming the drives need to be formatted and partitioned in something Windows will recognize, does anyone have a link to a program that will let me do that via booting from a USB stick or something?

Also, boot time seems to have slowed down considerably, I thought the HDD might have been before the SSD in the boot order - but even after ensuring the SSD with the OS is being read first in the boot priority I'm seeing considerably slower boot times.

Halp, mah computer is giving me nightmares.
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  1. Sorry, it's been a while since I've had to do this - I got Windows to recognize the second SSD by going into Disk Management - but the HDD is not showing up under there, any ideas?
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    Have you tried switching the controller type for the HDD in the BIOS? i.e. From AHCI to SATA, vice versa, etc.
  3. Try connecting HDD's on SATA 2 3GB/s.

    Here is a tutorial :
  4. Will start with lonewolf's recommendation than move to gmkos if I don't get results, I'll come back with what happens.
  5. OK, the problem has now changed. I updated the mobo's drivers directly from the website in case the chipset was out of date (no reason it should be) - so on reboot, Computer Management recognizes the Seagate - but the OCZ Vertex 3 SSD is nowhere to be found!

    So I'm thoroughly confused.
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