Upgrade graphics card or SLI with current one?

Hello fellow Tom's Hardware forum users. I'v come to a sudden stump on the road with deciding to upgrade my current GPU in general to a 760, or getting another 660 FTW signature 2 edition non TI to SLI with my current GPU which has the same architecture . Any thoughts upon this? And would my power supply CX 750 watts even be enough to supply for two GPU's?
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    660 wants 450W for system and 1st card + 140 w for the 2nd

    CX series should be OK if not looking foir anything above moderate OC's

    Two 660s faster than a 760

    Then again $220 for another FTW is not something I could get behind very strongly when the 760 is $250
  2. Imo 760 is much more buyable nowadays. So u can planning in the future to get another 760 :P
  3. Personally I would sell the 660 and get the 760 or if you can, the 770. Both of these cards will be around for a while and both will sli well

    Good luck!
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    The extra price of the 760 is worth it in terms of not having to deal with any of the SLI issues. In my opinion a single card setup is to be preferred over a dual card setup, unless you are talking about top of the line cards and really need that horsepower. Are you running at a resolution above 1920x1080? If not, stay with the single card solution.
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