MSI GT70 change the graphics cards!

Hi, I have the gaming notebook MSI GT70. My graphics card now is dead and I have to change it. I emailed the MSI support they told me that I only can fix it with the same model of the graphics card. But I want to upgrade it.
My broken graphics card model Nvidia Geoforce GTX 670M.
I want to change it with GTX 780M.
How can i buy it?
Is there any graphics card recommended for multi monitors?
please help me :??:
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    vinhn said:

    I don't recommend that. It's an Alienware card. If you're going to replace the card, get a MSI card.

    The problem is that you don't know if the board or system BIOS will accept the card. Even if it's the same connection interface, there are likely firmware issues to consider.

    Also, external monitors are routed to the Intel CPU, not the video card, so upgrading the GPU won't change your GT70's current capabilities. That comes down to the iGPU and chipset instead.
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