My Graphics card is gone overnight?

Hello guys yesterday i had someone come over and we were watching A movie however we were moving the laptop too much. After that i logged in into a game and the lag was terrible. I thought it was something temporary however today i try again and the lag is still there. I tried updating my NVidia drivers but didn't work it said that it couldn't be found i've tried everything. Please help!
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  1. The lag has never been there before that's what worries me
  2. we need to know the model of the laptop.

  3. My laptop is an Alienware M11X
  4. hit FN + F6 it should put you back into high performance mode basicly this switches you from internal intel graphics to the nvidia card.

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    If not do you have the r1 r2 or r3? I am reading through this it might help you..
  6. I'm not really sure which one i have. I'm trying what the guy said in the link right now
  7. Thanks it worked! everything is back to normal now
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