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Hey everyone, I just bought a new Sapphire 7970 Ghz video card, and I came across this problem, the graphics card has 2 8 pin power connectors, and my power supply, Cooler Master Silent Pro 850w, has 6+2 PCIe connections. I would assume this would work, but there's only 6 pins on my power supply connections, even though it says right above them that it's 6+2.....some help would be appreciated!
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    Yes! You're fine with the 6+2. Enjoy the new GPU.
  2. Thats what I assumed, but the problem is, the cables I was provided with have the 8 pin into the gpu, then two separated plastic pieces that only have 3 connections each, with an empty fourth. That may sound confusing, but here's a picture of the cables I was provided,

    The cables in question are the ones with yellow and black colored wires, the black, 8 pin, fits into the gpu no problem, but I'm having trouble understanding how to get the other side into my PSU

    This is a picture of my PSU inputs

    If anyone can explain this to me I would greatly appreciate it!
  3. Oh wow I'm an idiot, I forgot that my power supply came with cables for an instance like this, I apologize! Thanks for your time :)
  4. Hi

    Your picture shows a pair of PCI-express to molex adapters

    To use if your PSU does not have any PCI-express connectors but has free molex connectors
    Since only 12V (yellow) is required the red 5V wire to the molex connector is missing

    You have a modular PSU I presume you have one or 2 PCI-Express cables with 6+2 connectors
    (one end and what ever goes into the modular PSU socket on the other end

    which should be used not the PCI-E to molex adaptors

    do you have the instructions for the PSU ?

    for 6+2 connector


    Mike Barnes
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