What do you think of this budget pc?

just wanted to know if you think this computer is pretty good for the price, and if you think it will play bf4 etc. also if you could upgrade one thing what would it be?
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  1. hmm you may be able to play BF4 but not at high settings, apart from that it is ok :D

    I would upgrade your CPU if you are thinking of gaming. Your RAM should be 1600MHz.
  2. With an APU your RAM should be 2133mhz and you'd probably need a A10 5800K for any decent type of gaming. It's not bad... but I don't think it'll even run BF4. My i7 with Intel HD graphics can't even run BF3 at a decent framrate on low settings.
  3. Thanks for your answers guys
    could someone suggest a low price build to play some of the next gen title at medium settings?
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    This one right here is a winner!!! :D I would buy this if I didn't already build my rig.
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