FX-8350 strange temps difference

Hi guys, I recently brought a FX-8350 with an ASUS M5A99FX PRO 2.0 and a Corsair H100i. Testing with OCCT and P95 i just realized that are a HUGE difference between the temp marked by HWMonitor or ASUS Fan Expert for the CPU sensor in the mobo and the temp marked by Core Temp or HWMonitor for the cores.

For example: running P95 for 20 minutes, the "CPU" temp is 60ºc and the max temp in the cores 40ºC.

Any suggest of what is happening?

PS: Sorry for my horrible english, seriously.
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    I dont have the explaining to this but thats how it works, cores are cooler than the socket.

    CPU : socket temperature.

    For example, my 8320 @ 4.4 : 75c CPU temp but 54-56c core temp when running p95.

    Don't worr its normal.
  2. I think the difference is caused by where temperature sensors are?
  3. Thanks for your answers.

    Then I only need to take care that core temp is below 62ºC, right?
  4. Short answer, yes.

    I realize that the link is the for FX-8150, but same information is not given for the FX-8350.

    One should always take care, though.
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