Is 500w PSU gonna be enough?

Hello everyone i just got a really quick question, will the PSU be enough for this rig?

I'm not gonna overclock anything, i will use only what's on the list + a dvd reader.
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  1. i would go for atleast 600watt.add a asus sound card to that comp would be perfect.
  2. The integrated sound with motherboard is good enough for me.
    But why? I don't think the cpu and gpu is gonna run at its max with the games i play
  3. uve no idea man how much diffrence sound card makes i had maximus top end board with creative xfi on it. it was so bad compaired with sound card.

    that would make so much diffrence at very little cost.
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    A good brand name 500w PSU such as Seasonic , XFX , Corsair , Antec will run that system.

    You don't need a sound card.
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  7. Ty boabs but i dont feel the need to have better sound, im kind of in a short budget here :)
  8. Not a QUALITY PSU ^
  9. the guys not got a lot of money well worth every penny. i use ocz 850watt so its no like i dont know wot im speaking about. if it was me i would get more than 500watt but thats perfect for the money you will find it very hard to get modular for better price.
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