Windows detects no sound hardware and can't output any sound


that little speaker thing in the bottom right try has an X on it which means i cant get any sound out at all.

i have an asus crosshair v formula z motherboard and i have speakers connected to it that it cannot find.

i also have a sound blaster z series card that has optical out to a 5.1 system. but the motherboard isnt recognizing the card is even there.

so far i have uninstalled and reinstalled realtek 3 times and it doesnt show me any realtec audio devices.

i have also reinstalled the sound blaster z panel but it doesnt think my card is even plugged in.

i got tried reinstalling the realtek software from the disk as well as through the asus website and ive reinstalled the sound blaster z software from the disk it came with.

any help would be awesome thankyou very much!
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    If the soundblaster card is a full card with the small speaker plugs. Go into the bios under onboard devices turn off the onboard sound chipset.
    Save and exit the bios. Boot into widows then go to intel and install the intel chipset update to install the drivers needed for the pci bridge. If you have a amd chipset mb download the newest amd chipset. Once installed reboot and see on reboot if your sound card is found. If not go under device manager and see if anything is installed under sound device or if there any yellow !!!! If there are try installing the newest beta driver from soundblaster for your sound card.
  2. got it!

    realtek ended up coming back randomly when i restarted once (i have no idea why it didnt come back on any of the previous 5)

    then i got the new pci drivers, but ended up moving my sound card to another slot (which doesnt matter to me because it used to be right under my graphics card intake)

    so im all set to go thanks for your help!
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