question about amd dual core cpu's and windows xp professional

hello how do i optimize my AMD athlon 64 X2 CPU heres my specs

Windows XP Professional x64 Edition 64-bit SP2

AMD Athlon 64 X2 5800+
Cores 2
Threads 2
Name AMD Athlon 64 X2 5800+
Code Name Brisbane
Package Socket AM2 (940)
Technology 65nm
Specification AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5800+

i know the processor is old and dated but its all i have so how do i optimize the CPU for games
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  1. In games, it's not the CPU that counts, it's the GPU. If you're not getting good performance in games, upgrading the CPU won't help. You can't really optimize a CPU for games. If you want better performance, look into getting a better graphics card. That is the only thing that will help you.
  2. What graphics card do you have?
  3. i has a crappy radeon hd 6450 because thats all my small form factor hp dc5850 would support
  4. I'm assuming that since you talk of lacking space, you have the slimmer, non-tower version. It can support low profile graphics cards, however I'm uncertain if the power supply you have can handle it, as it's a 240w one and you might need more for a beefier graphics card. (The best one you can get, the Radeon HD 7750 low profile version, needs 25-30w more than your current graphics card) Can you find out what processor you have? You might need to upgrade your power supply, although that's not always possible as slim computers, as they don't use standard power supplies.

    HD 7750:
    Your computer's specifications:
  5. my cpu is an athlon 64 X2 5800+ 3.0GHz And upgrading the psu is outta the question as its a proprietary psu
  6. That may or may not work. Your CPU has a TDP of 90 watts, the 7750 has one of 55w. That means together, it's 130w. Add about 10-12 watts for the hard drive, then it's 140w. Since your power supply is 240w, you could be able to do it, as long as it's really a 240w power supply, not just advertised as one. Try and find that low profile version of the 7750.
  7. im poor and on dissability right now so i need a gpu i can get off ebay for cheap that will run re5 on medium to high settings
  8. You'd be able to squeeze some more frames from your current GPU if you get RadeonPro and mess about with the various settings.
  9. sadly i get at most 30 to 40 frames per second with all options either turned off or set to low the game wont play fin unless the frames are 60fps or better
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