Screen freezes anytime

I just built a computer installed windows and now it randomly freezes I increased the ram power to 2.5 v as others have stated but still having the same issue please someone help me

Amd fx 4130 3.8 ghz
Evga Gtx 760
Crucial ballistix 8gb ddr3-1333
Msi 990fxa-gd65
Ultra lsp 650
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  1. What RAM Power to 2.5 - do you mean the CPU/NB voltage? shouldn't be needed that high w/ only 8gb of 1333, and it better not be DRAM Voltage, you'll fry the sticks......Post up yopur DRAM timings and your system voltages
  2. Sorry no the dram voltage is at 1.647 v
  3. I just changed the dram frequency from 1033 to 1333 but most of the settings are at auto like CPU-nb voltage and dram timing CPU voltage is at 1.425500
  4. What's the model of your DRAM and what are your system voltages?
  5. And changed the dram voltage to 1.5
  6. Never mind, I'll bow out, I can't just keep asking questions trying to help if you aren't going to answer, have fun, maybe someone who has more patience will help
  7. I can't post picture from my phone but this is what it states
    CPU frequency 225.00x 19mhz
    Dram frequency 1499 MHz
    CPU fsb frequency 225
    CPU ratio auto
    CPU-NB ratio auto
    CPU core control auto
    Dram frequency DDR3-1333 MHz
    Dram timing mode auto
    Ht link speed 9
    Ht link control in and out auto
    PCI-E frequency 100
    CPU voltage 1.425500 v
    CPU-NB voltage auto
    Dram voltage 1.647 v
    NB voltage auto
    Spread spectrum disabled
  8. I'm on my phone with a cracked screen I'm trying my best
  9. And I'm guessing the rams model is ballistix sport 8gb
  10. Raise CPU-NB voltage to 1.23 - you show it as AUTO
  11. Ok I will try it and tell you if it works
  12. Didn't work I got a little further than before and screen just goes black
  13. Then let's try manually setting the DRAM to 1333,, base timings to 9-9-9-27, CR 2T or 2N and DRAM voltage 1.5
  14. What do I need to change to get the 9-9-9-27?
  15. Cr is at 2t
    tCL 7
    tRCD 7
    tRP 7
    tRAS 20
    tRTP 4
    tRC 27
    tWR 8
    tRRD 4
    tWTR 4
    tCWL 6
    tFAW 16
    tREF 7.8
    tRFC0 300
    tRFC1 300
  16. Cr is at 2t
    tCL 7 9
    tRCD 7 9
    tRP 7 9
    tRAS 20 27
  17. Still getting a black screen seconds after logging into account on windows. Do you think it's really the memory?
  18. Might be, do you have any other sticks or could you borrow a couple - if they run fine, then prob one or both of your sticks is bad
  19. I only have one stick and the other one doesn't fit but I moved it to a different spot
  20. Didn't work
  21. Could be bad mobo or CPU
  22. Is it common for brand new stuff to be bad?
  23. Happens more than I like, but generally NO from Asus, ASRock, or GB, every once in a while one gets by the's much more common with MSI, BioStar and some of the others, their QC is pretty poor IMO
  24. So I need to call Msi support and tell them my problem. And every time the screen goes blank my fans go quiet. And I have liquid cool not a heatsink
  25. That may be a PSU problem , too weak or dying PSU
  26. I have heard that the ultra psu doesn't provide that great of power
  27. Do you know anybody you could borrow a PSU from for long enough to just test with your rig
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