FX-6300 or FX-6350? Is there really much difference?

I want to build a budget PC and currently I'm going for the 6350 (3.9ghz with 4.2 ghz turbo). The 6300 has 4.1 Ghz Turbo. Pretty close Turbos speeds

So I'm wondering if the performance is the much different. Will one do better overclocking?
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  1. Not really, AMD looking for additional sales
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    The 6350 might run a little hotter because of its 125 watt TDP compared to the 6300's 95 watt TDP. I doubt the performance difference is worth the extra money asked for
  3. Hmmm, unless you want to cook breakfast on it ;) No seriously, I don't think either really OCs all that well...
  4. Alright! Imma go with the 6300 cus there's currently a combo deal on with it. Plus if it runs cooler hey, why not. Thanks
  5. Have fun ! ;)
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