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Hi, i just brought a Fractal Design R4 and very happy with it but I have a slight issue.

I have connected the front fan which came with the case but it will only move at when the controller is at 5v and it will not move at 7v or 12v. Is this normal or the fan controller is damaged?
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  1. yeah something is wrong with it. however, id try plugging it into the board first and see how that goes. you dont have to use the fan controller anyways. the fans are silent regardless
  2. oh no.. i better check on the warranty.. i want to use the fan controller to achieve positive or negative airflow. :)
  3. changing your fan speed wont affect airflow when there is literally no difference between the speeds from 12 to 5v. the stock configuration would automatically give you positive air pressure
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    you will never want negative flow due to the dust problems it causes
  5. Ok thanks! Positive flow also work better with graphic cards?
  6. it hardly matters to be honest. i have no case fans to begin with and my temps are fine
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