(i5 3210m + NVIDIAGeForce GT 630M Graphics + SSD) vs ( i7 3630qm + Intel HD 4000 + HDD)

Hey guys! I am planning on getting a laptop for my university works.

I am a computer science major. I would be doing programming, video editing, photo editing, ubuntu, many other applications, gaming (Fifa 12, nfs the run, nfs most wanted). I do not play games like COD or battlefield.

Which one do you think will suit me best.

1. Intel i5 3210m
NVIDIAGeForce GT 630M Graphics


2. Intel i7 3630qm
Intel HD 4000

I would be having this laptop for atleast 4-5 years. Please help me choose the best. All opinions are welcome.

Thank you.
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    In 4-5 year I guess you'll move on to FIFA 14, 15 ....... so GT 630M will be a good choice. Also if you are not going to be doing rendering then i5 will be more than sufficient for your CPU intensive resources.
  2. Choose the 630M GPU + SSD. It is more balanced. Definitely.
  3. 630m equipped computer, no competition.
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