Win 7 product key different with refurbished oem version

Hi, I ordered win 7 pro refurbished oem version without knowing the difference to a retail version. Any chance I can activate it myself? I got 3 original cds delivered win 7 pro plus sp1 and 3 sticker with NOT a normal product key of the 5 times XXXXX-... format, but a shorter one. I am quite sure everything is original though. So is the code I have on these sticker only good for licensed refurbisher? whatever that means. I would appreciate any help here.

desing is following:
windows 7pro Refurbished Pc s
OEM software
Barcode -->XXX-XXXXX
Do not tamper with or remove this label
Barcode --> XXX-XXXXX

maybe I have to combine those numbers somehow?
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  1. Refurbished generally means "opened" and if it has been opened and key code used, it is worthless to anyone else.

    OEM CDs and key codes is good for any system builder and that includes anyone with a screwdriver
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    The Product ID is not the Serial Number used for installation, they are different numbers.
    - Sounds like you got scammed, albeit it legitimately (by law in some countries).

    The Product ID is also hardware dependant, if the hardware changes the Product ID becomes invalid.
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