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I am looking into purchasing a tv for the PS4. I want a plasma because they have higher refresh rates and I would like as little video lag as possible. If the PS4 is capped at 60 fps, would going any higher than 60Hz or 120Hz for the refresh rate make a difference?
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    Hi, as i recently bought plasma TV i an say it has some issues.. First of all You definitely need to have light controlled environment, as even best plasma's can lack brightness in bright room.. I sit in front of my plasma and if curtains is open i always can see myself like in mirror :) But when it is dark picture is superb.

    Are You interested in 3D? as there is even more questions, i have issues with it, and maybe could help You with some advice :)

    What about input lag, You should check every TV model and look for review, as they really do test input lag.

    And about the refresh rates, if keep it simple if You have 60 FPS and 60Hz it means your TV shows 60 frames per second, and on 120Hz TV shows 120 frames per second creating additional frames to fill it up to 120Hz, picture should look smother annd with less flicker. Plasmas 800..3000Hz have a lot of marketing, check this article
  2. Yes, as the screen actually takes time to draw the image.
    - We're talking about less than 700 microseconds here though.

    The PS4 frame rate might be limited, but it sends the video signal to the TV which then has to draw it.

    I doubt you could find a modern Plasma TV that offers under 480 Hz though, and you'd be better served with one that runs nearer to 720 Hz.

    There are options in most TV's to optimise them for games, that reduce the motion compensation, etc.
    - These options can make a noticeable difference, some make sub millisecond difference.

    Which TV's are you considering?

    For exactly this reason dial-up players on a monitor at 85 Hz can beat ADSL/cable players on LCD/TFT's running at 60 Hz.
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