GTX660 vs 7870? Which is better in your opinion?

They both seem to be the "sweet spot" of each company but which do you prefer? So it comes down to which do you like better? AMD or Nvidia?

Also, Whats the best manufacturer? like Asus, msi.. etc?
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    The HD 7870 is better. But if you can afford the HD 7870 XT, definitely grab that one instead because it uses the Tahiti LE core present in the HD 7900 series.

    For NVIDIA, it would be Asus or top-end EVGA.
    For AMD, it would be Sapphire.
  2. ksham nailed it on the brands and that the 7870 is better than the 660. However, the 660Ti is better than the 7870, but the 7870 XT is king in this category.
  3. Depends on your PSU. If you want low power consumption - GTX660 (single 6pin). 7870 and 660Ti use ~the same amount of power, but 660Ti is ~7950 in performance. 7870XT is ~7950/660Ti performance but eats more watts than a GTX680 and nearly as much as 7970.
  4. The 'sweet spot' to which you refer excludes all other parts required to make them work.
    - When calculating price/performance make sure to include ALL other parts that make the system tick.

    The actual sweet spot (TCO wise) is about $320 on video card.
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