Overclocking AMD Turbo for better single thread performance?

If my main focus is on gaming would it not be a better idea if I just overclock the turbo feature instead of overclocking every core? Seems like it would save on electricity and lower heat. Also, wouldn't this let me achieve a higher overclock through turbo where air cooling manages 4.5GHz on my FX-8350 when I could maybe squeeze out an additional 200~300Mhz?

Edit: My rational for better gaming is that currently gaming is evolving into more cores but at the moment it's more IPC heavy.
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  1. Guess everyone is outside celebrating the fourth.
  2. I am curious on this as well. From what I have read increasing the FSB as opposed to the multiplyer will yield better single core performance, but I am not sure how the turbo fits into that.
  3. Not 100% sure on your question. I know I've got my fx 8120 at 4.2ghz pretty much on multiplier and small voltage bump. Anytime I try going higher via FSB my system does not seem happy even if I dial back the ram and up voltage a litle more. I may just be at my cpu/board limit, but an 1100mhz overclock is not bad I don't guess:)
  4. I have my turbo at 4.8 and normal at 4.4 with 230 bus and 19.5 then auto set for turbo. in at different oc profile I have disabled 4 cores and up the mutli to get 4.8 with bus at stock 200 which was low in heat. I use the noctua dh14 so heat not and issue. when I used passmark the score was 1600 range. uses prime 95 and got stable my board is the 970x asus m5a97 evo and use ultra high load line and high cpu/nb. don't know if this helps just what I am messing around with.
  5. Turbo Boost for AMD is either all Cores or half the cores I believe. I don't think there is a boost of just one core while the rest is at lower speeds. That being said Turbo Boost will help with energy by running at a stock/low speed normally and only boosting to your OC when you need it. Higher Frequency for the cores will increase the Single-threaded IPC but that alone won't be dramatic. The problem is the actual design of the AMD CPU architecture. Disabling cores will create less heat and allow higher overclocks making games utilizing less threads run better. Running your 8350 on 4-cores may allow you to get 200-300mhz more but I'm not sure how useful it would be. All the most recent games use the extra threads a little bit so by taking that away you're losing power. Not sure why the person above me and myself posted on this topic with an activity from Dec 5th
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