Can't boot computer when using graphics card

My old graphics recently broke so upgraded to a gigabyte 7950 and now i can not get the computer to load up even the bios when the graphics card is connected.
I first thought it was power supply issue so i brought a xfx 550W one which is now fitted yet the issue is still there.
I have tried disabling the onboard graphics and changing the int display in the bios but no effect.
Any ideas as i have had this problem for almost 2 weeks now.
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    When you say you can't get the computer to load, you mean you don't get any display? But you probably see the motherboard light is turned on and fans are spinning, right?

    Did you check that your monitor was set to the right input if you use a different cable than the integrated card?

    Did you try to reseat the card?

    Other than that, after 2 weeks if you already tried everything, it might be time to start to realize you might have a defective card.
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