Phantek, Noctua or other heat sink/cpu cooler (ABSOLUTELY NO LIQUID COOLING)

Needs to be under $100 pref less. I am over clocking the new I5 4670k and want the best bang for my buck.

Going to be buying in in-store at Canadian Computers Today
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  1. I suggest the most expensive Phanteks cooler under ur limit.
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    If you feel like waiting a bit the new Cooler Master V8 GTS will be out in 1-2 weeks and is going to be right around $90...Looks to be very good and am expecting stellar reviews.
  3. Rather not wait TBH, Computer parts to be here in less than 5 hours and with Planetside 2 Double XP weekend rather go all out from the get go :D

    Also holy hell Noctua is $34 clearance
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