lookin 4 a new budget video card

Im gonna get d nvidia gt 630 cuz all the other cards are out of my budget....i found three types of is gt 630 1GB ddr5 ,gt 630 4gb ddr5, n gt 630 2gb ddr3.....I assume ddr5 is far better than the ddr3....which wan should i get?????Pls recommend me any cards below $75
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    I feel like the 4gb one is a little bit of bs. Most cards of that nature will have a hard time even using three quarters of a gig of vram because the cores in the video cards are so slow. Anything above 1gb would be overkill. I would try to hold out and get a 7770 or a gtx 650/ti. If you can get a little more money, I would recommend the 7850 or 7790, those would be your best options for future proofing.
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